Snap & Stick!

Tag @Island.Pitch @ #NAB2024

Reach Your Pitch @ NAB Show 2024: #SpotJdA

Snap & Stick!

Use our new digital stickers on your Social Feed, and we'll send you a set for real! Even better… Snap a picture of JdA out and about and post to LinkedIn, Instagram, or TikTok and be entered to win a gift certificate to our Shop Island Pitch collection.

Sticker for Sticker

giphy_island_pitchTag Island Pitch when you use our digital stickers and we'll send you real ones to start the adventure in real life! Everyone can participate from anywhere. Just follow us, tag us when you use our stickers and we'll mail you real ones for your stuff.*

  1. Search @islandpitch stickers on Posts and Reels

  2. Follow us & Tag Island Pitch in your post so we see you shine

  3. We'll be in your DMs & get your info privately to send real stickers 

Spot JdA & Play!

IMG_7010-1Catch JdA in the real world? Cool! Snap a pic, and level up your adventure by adding our Island Pitch stickers to the shot! Every post with JdA in the pic or video and IslandPitch tagged enters you to win a gift certificate!**

  1. Follow Island Pitch and tag us in your Post or Reel
  2. Include a photo/video of JdA and #SpotJdA (Examples: )
  3. Voila! We'll add your entry to the contest

So, what are you waiting for? Let the adventure begin! Snap, stick, and win with Island Pitch. #SpotJdA #DoCoolThingsTheRightWay

* 1 sticker pack per address.
** Maximum 5 monthly entries to win gift certificate per social media account.

Profile shot of a life-sized human icon with a backback seeming to walk around the NAB Show expo floor.