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"3-Hour Tour"

3 Workshops
to Reach Your Pitch

Map your organization's Technology Trail in a series of 1-hour workshops.

At Island Pitch, our “3-Hour Tour” is a dynamic and intensive consultation designed to jumpstart your journey toward innovation and transformation. Whether you’re looking to develop a new product, overcome operational challenges, or enhance your digital presence, this session is tailored to help you identify organize, and begin the first real steps along your unique technology innovation trail. Let our Crew Members help you Do Cool Things the Right Way!®

Why the "3-Hour Tour"?

Your experience validates a new product.
You don't know how to build it.

Your team is maxed out.
You sense there's a better way to do it.

Your product or service is better than the competition.
You just need to show it.

Focused & Efficient:
The 3-Hour Tour is designed to be highly productive, ensuring that you get maximum value in a short period.

Expert Guidance:
You’ll work directly with our seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of experience in research, design, and prototyping.

Customized Solutions:
Every business is unique, and our solutions are tailored specifically to your needs, helping you "Reach Your Pitch."

Your "3-Hour Tour" Includes

Hour 1. Discovery and Brainstorming

Focus: This is a deep dive into everything that keeps you up at night about your business. You'll have the opportunity to share your goals, challenges, and any pressing issues with our expert team. We aim to understand your business inside and out to provide the most effective solutions.

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Hour 2. Strategic Breakdown

Focus: Based on the initial consultation, we take one or two top-priority items and break them down into actionable steps. This involves more granular observations and mapping out the impact of these issues. We work together to identify clear, strategic actions that can drive meaningful change.

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Hour 3. Action Plan & Prioritization

Focus: In the final session, we present you with a detailed action plan. This includes identifying a series of tasks needed to address your concerns. You will prioritize these tasks based on what should be tackled now, in the near term, and what can wait. We also introduce you to our workshop tools and get you familiar with the customer portal for ongoing collaboration.

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Do Cool Things the Right Way!®

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Our mission

We are passionate about the experience of engaging emerging technology and exist to help our clients Do Cool Things the Right Way!®

Our vision

Island Pitch is committed to creating a safe space within which our Clients and our Crew Members may be creative and thrive in a culture of inclusive innovation.

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Cropped portion of the double diamond method diagram displaying only the left diamond of the process focused on Problem Statement to Definition portion.

Our process

We do this by employing best practices from within and beyond our own industry and by remaining agile in practice and philosophy.