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About us...

We help you...

Focus on business objectives and treat your tech like your own Private Island. We provide a secure foundation staffed with Crew Members to turn your goals into measurable results.

Benefit implicitly from the diversity of our Crew Members and the core values by which we stand as you grow your Private Island month by month into a space as unique as you and the brand you've built.

Do Cool Things the Right Way!®

Do Cool Things the Right Way!® and wrapped around the Island Pitch Disability Pride logo in a circle

Our mission

We are passionate about the experience of engaging emerging technology and exist to help our clients Do Cool Things the Right Way!®

Our vision

Island Pitch is committed to creating a safe space within which our Clients and our Crew Members may be creative and thrive in a culture of inclusive innovation.

Transgender Pride flag painted on a palm with white skin with the palm filling the frame
Cropped portion of the double diamond method diagram displaying only the left diamond of the process focused on Problem Statement to Definition portion.

Our process

We do this by employing best practices from within and beyond our own industry and by remaining agile in practice and philosophy.

Accessibility is a core value

Island Pitch embraces accessibility (a11y) and inclusion as core values
We prioritize the well-being of our Crew Members, fostering an inclusive work culture
Our solutions reflect this dedication with inclusive user experiences

Certifications and affiliations

Island Pitch is proud to be founded in Long Beach, California in January 2022.
Disability-Owned Business Enterprise badge
Business Enterprise
Certified 2023
NGLCC Certified LGBT Business Enterprise badge
Certified LBGT
Business Enterprise
Certified 2022
Long Beach LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce 30 year logo
Long Beach LGBTQ+
Chamber of Commerce
Since 2022
Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce logo
Long Beach Area
Chamber of Commerce
Since 2022

We pitch in...

By supporting these organizations and others, we reinforce our values while giving back to our community.
Long Beach Disability Pride
Long Beach
Disability Pride
2023 Festival Sponsor
My Fave Five
My Fave 5
Mental Wellness Tool
Supporter &
App Developer