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Case Study

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Database Modernization

This case study explores how the Island Pitch Crew modernized EIDR's legacy database by migrating it to Amazon Redshift, enabling enhanced relational and Big Data capabilities while ensuring near real-time data synchronization.


Island Pitch played a pivotal role in transforming EIDR's legacy database into a modernized, high-performance system. The migration to Amazon Redshift not only provided enhanced relational and Big Data capabilities but also enabled complex analytics on the data, extending EIDR members' abilities to access and report on industry metadata.


Over time, EIDR recognized the need to modernize its database infrastructure to support its growing user base and evolving data requirements.

Legacy Database Limitations:
EIDR's existing database struggled to handle complex joins and formulas on its data, hindering the ability to perform advanced analytics and generate valuable insights.

Relational and Big Data Needs:
EIDR required a solution that could support both relational and Big Data analytics to extract valuable insights from their vast dataset.

Data Synchronization: The new system needed to mirror data from the production environment with minimal latency, aiming to achieve updates within an hour, with a potential for updates as soon as every 5 minutes.

Solutions Implemented

Island Pitch, together with the Island Pitch Crew, armed with our deep expertise in data modernization and AWS services, embarked on a comprehensive modernization project:

Schema Analysis and Mapping:

  • We thoroughly analyzed EIDR's existing schema and identified opportunities for optimization.
  • We meticulously mapped the legacy schema to a modern relational schema that would leverage Amazon Redshift's capabilities.

Amazon Redshift Integration:

  • We set up Amazon Redshift, a powerful data warehousing solution known for its scalability and performance.
  • The new Redshift infrastructure was designed to accommodate both relational and Big Data requirements.

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Data Migration:

  • A robust data migration process was developed to seamlessly transfer EIDR's existing dataset to Amazon Redshift.
  • We ensured data consistency and integrity during the migration.

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Real-time Data Mirroring:

  • We implemented AWS Lambda functions to continuously mirror data from the production environment to the Redshift data warehouse.
  • This synchronization process was optimized to achieve near real-time updates, meeting EIDR's stringent SLA requirements.

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Scalability and Performance Optimization:

  • We fine-tuned the Redshift configuration for optimal performance, ensuring that EIDR could handle its growing dataset and complex queries.

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Benefits Delivered

The modernization project delivered significant benefits:

  1. Enhanced Data Capabilities
    EIDR gained access to Amazon Redshift's robust features, enabling both relational and Big Data analytics on their dataset.
  2. Complex Analytics
    Redshift's optimized performance allowed EIDR to perform complex joins and formulas on their data, enabling advanced analytics and insights generation.
  3. Near Real-time Updates
    The data synchronization process met EIDR's SLA commitments, ensuring that updates were reflected within an hour, with the potential for updates as soon as every 5 minutes.
  4. Improved Performance
    EIDR can now run complex queries efficiently, empowering data analysts to extract valuable insights.
  5. Scalability
    The new infrastructure is scalable, accommodating EIDR's future growth without compromising performance.
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"The imperative for a cohesive asset identification approach ... has been realized through years of relentless effort"

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About EIDR

The Entertainment Identifier Registry Association (EIDR) is a non-profit global industry association that aims to provide unique identifiers for a wide range of audiovisual assets. EIDR assigns a unique ID to each asset, such as movies, TV shows, trailers, and more, allowing for streamlined tracking, management, and distribution of these assets across the entertainment ecosystem. This standardized identification system helps reduce confusion, enhance data accuracy, and improve content discovery and distribution processes. EIDR's collaboration with Island Pitch reflects its commitment to advancing the entertainment industry through innovative data solutions and streamlined asset management.