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Double Diamond Design Method

At Island Pitch, we live and breathe by our philosophy to Do Cool Things the Right Way!® And when it comes to designing innovative solutions, we use the Double Diamond Design Methodology as our guiding framework. This approach, developed by the British Design Council, helps us strike the perfect balance between creativity and practicality, and ensures that we're always on the right track.

We bring this philosophy to our 3-Hour Tour Workshops to kickstart your journey in product development, operational solutions, and digital enhancement. 

The first half of the first diamond diagram representing the divergent phase.

1. Research discover

First up, we dive into the divergent thinking phase where we explore a wide range of ideas and possibilities. We work closely with our clients to really get a handle on their business and the challenges they're facing. We gather all the information we can, and take a deep dive into understanding the context and nailing down the problem.

2. Analyze define

Next, we enter the convergent thinking phase where we focus on a specific problem and narrow down the options to find the ultimate solution. We use the information from the first phase to identify key problems that need solving and work with our clients to identify potential solutions and evaluate their feasibility.

The convergent half of the first diamond ending in a central dot labeled 'problem definition'
Another divergence in the second diamond for develop and iterate.

3. Iterate develop

The development phase is where the team takes the insights and ideas generated during the previous two phases and begins to create tangible solutions to the problem at hand. The goal of this phase is to create working units, or minimum viable products, that can be tested and iterated on. The team will focus on creating the most effective solution possible, often through rapid prototyping and testing.

4. Prototype deliver

Finally, it's time for the delivery phase where we finalize and launch a full working prototype of the solution, making sure it's delivered on time and on budget. The end goal is to deliver a fully functional solution that meets the needs of the client and their users. 

Closing the second half of the second diamond ending in a solution.

We understand that our clients may need to operationalize their new solution, and we're here to help. We'll stick around to provide guidance and be there when they're ready to innovate again.

Do Cool Things the Right Way!®

Let's start talking about your unique needs and build your own private island.