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Island Pitch Stands with the Trans Community on TDOV

by Island Pitch Crew on

Island Pitch is proud to stand in solidarity with the transgender community on Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV). We have joined the NGLCC’s Transgender & Gender Expansive (TGX) Initiative and invite others to participate in this event and other TDOV observances. By acknowledging and celebrating the accomplishments and resilience of transgender and gender-expansive individuals, we can promote a more inclusive and equitable society.

There has been a surge of discrimination and hostility towards transgender individuals in the US. According to a recent survey by the Human Rights Campaign, nearly 60% of transgender and gender non-conforming youth feel unsafe at school, and more than 30% have missed school in the past month due to safety concerns. Transgender individuals also experience higher rates of unemployment, poverty, and housing insecurity compared to the general population.

Moreover, several states have proposed or passed laws that directly target transgender individuals, including restrictions on access to healthcare, public accommodations, and legal identification documents. These laws have been denounced by many advocates as discriminatory and harmful to the well-being and dignity of transgender individuals.

Island Pitch actively seeks opportunities to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and recognizes the significance of TDOV as an important event to participate in. Join us on Thursday, March 30 from 3-4pm ET for an afternoon of connection and community. Click here to register.